My Most Delicious Sticky Buns Delivered to Your Door


World Class Sticky Buns

Grandma Brown's World Class Traditonal Sticky Bun

For many generations, our family has produced the most amazing treat I have ever had, EVER, from any source. Imagine a light flaky dough in thin layers, interspersed with light caramel, fruit and nuts, cinnamon and spices. Note: do not confuse these with cinnamon buns, which have white frosting on top! These have no frosting! These are Sticky Buns!


My Family Story

Originally, these Sticky Buns were produced during the holidays. They were the backbone of our Christmas Morning breakfast. While the previously made buns warmed in the oven, we scrambled eggs and made hot chocolate, quickly providing a very special breakfast, so we could get on to the business of opening presents!

We also sent them as gifts to special friends and family members too far flung to see often. Unfortunately, once they had received Sticky Buns, they anticipated getting them every year!


Special Presents

Sticky Buns make a great gift for any occasion where something special is in order. If you want to ship ahead or have them on hand, they freeze beautifully! Simply defrost and re-heat in foil at 325 for about 20 minutes.



Making and Baking

The production of Sticky Buns requires dedication and commitment. Once all the ingredients are at hand, the basic dough is made up, which takes about an hour. It must then rise for 3-4 hours. Next comes the rolling out and application of the ingredients which go between the layers of dough.

Next the baking pans are prepared with those items which will make the buns "sticky". Lots of brown sugar, butter, fruits, sometimes liqueurs, spices and seasonings. Now the dough is rolled up and cut into the proper sizes and placed in the waiting pans. This takes another hour. Now more rising! Finally, the dough is baked. It is a Labor of Love!


Unlimited Assortment

Due to their versatility, we now serve Sticky Buns for almost any occasion where we want something really special: brunches, wedding rehersal dinners, baby and bridal showers, teas, buffet dinner parties, birthdays and graduations, Easter dinner (lovely with ham!) and Valentine's Day dinner. Use your imagination! They are not just for the holidays anymore!

I are much grateful for your honest appeal and collaboration with you.

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