Kudos From Some Of My Favorite Customers

( You Are All My Favorite Customers! )


Overall Customer Rating:


December 19, 2011, Kurt, Cary, North Carolina

" They were SOOOOoooooooo GOOD !!!!!!! And yes they are ALL gone !!
Thank you so much ! We loved the sticky buns !!!!
Friday night we had the entire traditional batch for dinner !!! Warmed in the oven… with TONS of butter !!!!!! I mean it too ! Nothing else for dinner !! hee hee ! We loved it !
The cranberry and pecan batch was DEVOURED on Sunday morning for breakfast !!! ALL GONE !!!!!

Thank you Katie for Pam and ME !!!!."

January 8, 2011, Carmen Costa, Puerto Rico

" Hi Grandma Brown! Just to let you know I've picked up the buns at the post office. They arrived perfectly and are sooo delicious! Thank you for making it possible. Now you can let everyone know that through USPS Priority Mail they will even arrive fresh and perfect to Puerto Rico."

January 2, 2011, Jody Dunlap, Colorado Springs, Colorado

" Your orange sticky buns were a roaring success both here and in Austin. Ours were gone in less than 24 hours, and my stepdaughter said her's were too. Guess we found a winner. Thanks for creating them!"

December 29, 2010, Carol Holder, Claremont, California

" We took Grandma B's buns to Tustin for Christmas morning and warmed them in the oven as directed. They were a huge hit! Thank you from all the Mallinckrodts for that treat. We were all glad to have something out-of-the-ordinary and really delicious to set the tone for our holiday together -- I think the nicest ever. Many thanks!."

May 23, 2010, Laura Murphy, Avila Beach, California

" Wonderful! I ordered the Traditional Buns and the Apple Walnut for an early morning business meeting and made many people very happy. Delicious! (and a little addicting)."

May 21, 2010, Carole McDonald, Morro Bay, California

" Went to my knitting group to get together with the girls & when it came time for refreshments, out came Grandma Brown's Sticky Buns hot out of the oven. Well, all I can say is OH-MY-GOD! everyone put down their scarfs, hats, sweaters & socks and gobbled up these Sticky Buns like you wouldn't believe. Best buns I've ever tasted and if you order these Sticky Buns for your next knitting, quilting or reading group, you will be hostess of the year!"

May 20, 2010, Caroline Gmelin, Los Osos, California

" All four varieties are wonderful. They make terrific gifts for any occasion."

December 17, 2009, Linda Keating, Arroyo Grande, California

" These Sticky Buns are great! I gave them as Christmas gifts to my family and friends so they could enjoy these delicious treats during the holidays."

October 29, 2009, Kenneth A. Edwards, Atascadero, California

" Grandma Brown's Sticky Buns are the best sticky buns I've ever eaten. I recently had the occasion to share them with several friends I work with and they got rave reviews form each and every one of them. I'm going to recommend these sticky buns to all my friends and family, especially for this holiday season. Keep up the good work Grandma, and keep those sticky buns coming! "

October 26, 2009, Joyce Holliman, Centennial, Colorado

" I received Grandma Brown's Buns this afternoon and I couldn't wait to taste them. They are heavenly! The flavor is sumptuous! I keep going back to the refrigerator to get another "taste" of them. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. My boys and their families are scattered about and these treats will be the perfect gift for Christmas morning!

Thank you, Grandma Brown! "

October 14, 2009, Marleen Walmsley, Ashland, Oregon

" These sticky buns are exactly like my grandma used to make. They are so good I am sending them as gifts - everyone loves them. Fresh, fragrant, delicious - the real deal. They always arrive in perfect condition. Just warm them up and dive in!! "

October 16, 2009, Amy Levinsohn, Los Osos, California

" I just ate the Traditional Buns, and they were just like I remember having when I grew up in the Midwest. We always had them fresh baked for holidays. I am looking forward to trying the Apple Walnut ones next. Thanks for bringing this wonderful taste and these wonderful memories to our family. "