Holiday and Special Gourmet Variations

For Those Of You With Discriminating Palates, Try Some Of My More Exotic
Sticky Buns.

Here I am taking the traditional bun to a whole new level for your special occasion, one that will make your guests sit up and take notice. I add liqueurs, citrus zests, exotic fruits, and a variety of nuts to both the buns and the pans, beautiful and aromatic.

These varieties of my Sticky Buns are Special Order items. I make each round from scratch, for that Special Occasion that needs to be truely Extra Special. Please allow a little more time for delivery, and I assure you, it will be worth it!

Single Layer orders for any of these varieties are $35.00, plus $10.00 S&H; Double Layer orders are $45.00. plus $10.00 S&H.



ORANGE / ALMOND contains the zest, juice and fruit of many oranges, Grand Marnier liqueur, slivered almonds and some exotic spices! Exquisite!


CRANBERRY / WANUT uses the finest dried gourmet cranberries, and our special California walnuts to create a more festive appearance for those holiday table presentations!


RUM / RAISIN This delicious pastry is covered with plump raisins, drenched in Myers Dark Jamaican Rum, which is added to the caramel sauce. A true taste treat!


You can also place your order for any of these buns, or the Traditional Recipe buns, on my Order Page, by clicking the button below