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Since I am so involved in baking, and going to the store to stock up on supplies, I naturally have come up with my own kitchen wardrobe that makes me feel good working in my kitchen on my Sticky Buns.I want to share these items with you. Also listed below are links to the websites of my friends that have joined our Gourmet Family! Please let me know if you have your own website I can include here!


These Are My Aprons and Shopping Bags
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I have found a great pattern for an apron for those of you who need better than the usual 'tie-at-the-waist' style apron.
KWIK sew Pattern #2191 has complete front coverage, from shoulder to mid thigh with big pockets on the front, back closure and back side panels that curve up in the center for easy sitting.
I am sewing these aprons and reusable shopping bags out of incredible end-of-bolt remnants of European Upholstery/Drapery fabrics. Because they are remnants, no two products are the same. So if you wish to order one, please email me and we can talk color families and pattern styles, etc., to meet your esthetic needs.
Aprons are $30.00, and Shopping Bags are $10.00.

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These Are Links To Some Of My Favorite Sites